Top Streamers Currently Online

StreamerViewersGame NameWatch Now
1 ogn_lol21,811League of LegendsWATCH NOW
2 lck120,653League of LegendsWATCH NOW
3 esl_sc213,722StarCraft IIWATCH NOW
4 ognglobal12,431OverwatchWATCH NOW
5 ogn_ow10,840OverwatchWATCH NOW
6 hrkchannel10,700Horizon Zero DawnWATCH NOW
7 admiralbulldog10,527Dota 2WATCH NOW
8 thijshs9,463HearthstoneWATCH NOW
9 matumbaman7,728Dota 2WATCH NOW
10 p4wnyhof7,238HearthstoneWATCH NOW
11 joshog6,870Horizon Zero DawnWATCH NOW
12 iwilldominate6,834League of LegendsWATCH NOW
13 fluidwindlolz6,223League of LegendsWATCH NOW
14 game2eye6,079Horizon Zero DawnWATCH NOW
15 jdm20885,932MinecraftWATCH NOW
16 hanryang11255,366Horizon Zero DawnWATCH NOW
17 clintstevens5,035The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeWATCH NOW
18 eclypsiatvlol5,014League of LegendsWATCH NOW
19 summonersinnlive4,888League of LegendsWATCH NOW
20 xargon07314,841Horizon Zero DawnWATCH NOW
21 itshafu4,756HearthstoneWATCH NOW
22 ybicanoooobov4,721Dota 2WATCH NOW
23 manvsgame3,567NiohWATCH NOW
24 ogaminglol3,403League of LegendsWATCH NOW
25 voyboy3,332League of LegendsWATCH NOW
26 starladder53,195Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
27 milliganshow3,129Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
28 nielnieh3452,984Horizon Zero DawnWATCH NOW
29 ddahyoni2,947HearthstoneWATCH NOW
30 lenagol0vach2,836Dota 2WATCH NOW
31 a1taoda2,797Dota 2WATCH NOW
32 arquel2,673League of LegendsWATCH NOW
33 voval0va2,658Dota 2WATCH NOW
34 c_a_k_e2,576ChowderchuWATCH NOW
35 peeve2,558For HonorWATCH NOW
36 burkeblack2,525Horizon Zero DawnWATCH NOW
37 versuta2,524Dota 2WATCH NOW
38 lebaby0v02,405League of LegendsWATCH NOW
39 fate_twisted_na2,387Dead SpaceWATCH NOW
40 followkudes2,355Dota 2WATCH NOW
41 qq79251682,351HearthstoneWATCH NOW
42 armatvhs2,350HearthstoneWATCH NOW
43 anthony_kongphan2,269Horizon Zero DawnWATCH NOW
44 massansc2,213HearthstoneWATCH NOW
45 xiang11272,145League of LegendsWATCH NOW
46 rhdgurwns2,141Just Dance 2017WATCH NOW
47 girlstorule2,112Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
48 yuci70012,056League of LegendsWATCH NOW
49 ajehr2,040Talk ShowsWATCH NOW
50 wannasinging2,028WATCH NOW
51 welovegames1,994Horizon Zero DawnWATCH NOW
52 femsteph1,989Horizon Zero DawnWATCH NOW
53 sovietwomble1,923OverwatchWATCH NOW
54 hichocolate1,904MinecraftWATCH NOW
55 dlxowns451,880OverwatchWATCH NOW
56 mineskitv1,878Dota 2WATCH NOW
57 ogamingsc21,867StarCraft IIWATCH NOW
58 staiy1,778H1Z1: King of the KillWATCH NOW
59 looksam1,734HearthstoneWATCH NOW
60 akrinuss1,702League of LegendsWATCH NOW
61 jasonrrr1,689Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
62 cdnthe3rd1,676H1Z1: King of the KillWATCH NOW
63 butterflyouo1,667League of LegendsWATCH NOW
64 innerpsycho1,558PokerWATCH NOW
65 outerheaven1,553Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom PainWATCH NOW
66 korbandalas1,531HearthstoneWATCH NOW
67 immortalhd1,523Arma 3WATCH NOW
68 retrogaijin1,483Horizon Zero DawnWATCH NOW
69 fragnance1,478World of WarcraftWATCH NOW
70 alexclick1,410ARKWATCH NOW
71 yapyap301,396AngvikWATCH NOW
72 sandyhsu1,394Just Dance 2017WATCH NOW
73 sick_nerd1,388RuneScapeWATCH NOW
74 109ace1,386HearthstoneWATCH NOW
75 eclypsiatv1,377H1Z1: King of the KillWATCH NOW
76 markgamegg1,316PokerWATCH NOW
77 bigbangs061,304FIFA 17WATCH NOW
78 flamehopper1,289H1Z1: King of the KillWATCH NOW
79 lyndonfps1,288H1Z1: King of the KillWATCH NOW
80 joshimuz1,276Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasWATCH NOW
81 esl_sc2_pl1,264StarCraft IIWATCH NOW
82 myzet19901,259Feel the SnowWATCH NOW
83 kamiyu6661,222RPG MakerWATCH NOW
84 hearthstonefr1,162HearthstoneWATCH NOW
85 ulsanbigwhale1,139BlackwakeWATCH NOW
86 ludoman_tv1,139CasinoWATCH NOW
87 thedivisiongame1,138Tom Clancy's The DivisionWATCH NOW
88 bacon_donut1,135MinecraftWATCH NOW
89 aurateur1,100Super Mario MakerWATCH NOW
90 roki7151,085League of LegendsWATCH NOW
91 dtfru1,067Horizon Zero DawnWATCH NOW
92 lexveldhuis1,051PokerWATCH NOW
93 gripex901,043League of LegendsWATCH NOW
94 loodoman8881,036CasinoWATCH NOW
95 kabeosyama974League of LegendsWATCH NOW
96 tidesoftime970HearthstoneWATCH NOW
97 ryuquezacotl964Diablo II: Lord of DestructionWATCH NOW
98 bighead033961OverwatchWATCH NOW
99 streamerhouse931Tom Clancy's The DivisionWATCH NOW
100 esl_lol917League of LegendsWATCH NOW
Most Games played by Top Streamers

RankGame NameStreamer count
1League of Legends18
2Horizon Zero Dawn12
4Dota 29
5H1Z1: King of the Kill5
7Counter-Strike: Global Offensive4
8StarCraft II3
12Just Dance 20172
13Tom Clancy's The Division2
14Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas1
15FIFA 171
17Diablo II: Lord of Destruction1
18Super Mario Maker1
19RPG Maker1
20Feel the Snow1
23Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain1
24For Honor1
27The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time1
28Dead Space1
29Talk Shows1
30World of Warcraft1
31Arma 31