Top Streamers Currently Online

StreamerViewersGame NameWatch Now
1 nl_kripp23,620HearthstoneWATCH NOW
2 shroud12,378Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
3 voyboy10,821League of LegendsWATCH NOW
4 loltyler19,626ARK: Survival EvolvedWATCH NOW
5 tgslive8,511Talk ShowsWATCH NOW
6 maximilian_dood8,092Resident Evil: The Umbrella ChroniclesWATCH NOW
7 aimbotcalvin7,872OverwatchWATCH NOW
8 c9ray5,924League of LegendsWATCH NOW
9 never_loses5,263League of LegendsWATCH NOW
10 nickmercs5,054Call of Duty: Modern Warfare RemasteredWATCH NOW
11 joshog4,979H1Z1: King of the KillWATCH NOW
12 ybicanoooobov4,622Dota 2WATCH NOW
13 ppd4,603Dota 2WATCH NOW
14 anniebot4,320League of LegendsWATCH NOW
15 clintstevens4,036The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of TimeWATCH NOW
16 p4wnyhof3,941HearthstoneWATCH NOW
17 vinesauce3,878DoomWATCH NOW
18 jcarverpoker3,637PokerWATCH NOW
19 fate_twisted_na3,489League of LegendsWATCH NOW
20 esl_csgo3,438Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
21 starladder13,317Dota 2WATCH NOW
22 twitch3,293Talk ShowsWATCH NOW
23 ezekiel_iii3,061My Summer CarWATCH NOW
24 lenagol0vach2,754HearthstoneWATCH NOW
25 immortalhd2,737Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
26 rhdgurwns2,604ShadowverseWATCH NOW
27 dotastarladder_en2,596Dota 2WATCH NOW
28 a1taoda2,361Dota 2WATCH NOW
29 sparcmaclived2,303RuneScapeWATCH NOW
30 chu82,262Heroes of the StormWATCH NOW
31 kyo19841232,246HearthstoneWATCH NOW
32 quin692,223World of WarcraftWATCH NOW
33 wearethevr2,173IRLWATCH NOW
34 bobross2,029CreativeWATCH NOW
35 pokelawls1,972OverwatchWATCH NOW
36 sirhcez1,954League of LegendsWATCH NOW
37 godazed1,951Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
38 lolgeranimo1,951OverwatchWATCH NOW
39 burkeblack1,915Werewolves WithinWATCH NOW
40 luckyy_and_bw1,703DestinyWATCH NOW
41 lightofheaven1,689Dota 2WATCH NOW
42 asmodaitv1,666HearthstoneWATCH NOW
43 ogaminglol1,608League of LegendsWATCH NOW
44 fooya1,510H1Z1: King of the KillWATCH NOW
45 yokbeolm1,483League of LegendsWATCH NOW
46 s77350611,480League of LegendsWATCH NOW
47 j225482201,468League of LegendsWATCH NOW
48 monotonetim1,463Poly BridgeWATCH NOW
49 shygocad1,451League of LegendsWATCH NOW
50 illterrible1,444NBA 2K17WATCH NOW
51 sjow1,388HearthstoneWATCH NOW
52 rainbrain1,345League of LegendsWATCH NOW
53 boaty_nk1,339WATCH NOW
54 olleh1,328League of LegendsWATCH NOW
55 exbc1,285IRLWATCH NOW
56 astrogation71,277HearthstoneWATCH NOW
57 mascahs1,245ShadowverseWATCH NOW
58 armatvhs1,228HearthstoneWATCH NOW
59 zalaehs1,198HearthstoneWATCH NOW
60 hearthstonefr1,197HearthstoneWATCH NOW
61 lala3251,186IRLWATCH NOW
62 itshafu1,169HearthstoneWATCH NOW
63 retrogaijin1,158BloodborneWATCH NOW
64 cdewx1,132Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
65 mach1alex191,128Super Smash Bros. MeleeWATCH NOW
66 eclypsiatvlol1,120League of LegendsWATCH NOW
67 podox1,111Dota 2WATCH NOW
68 thebesttaco1,091SmiteWATCH NOW
69 cheed181,089League of LegendsWATCH NOW
70 grimmybear1,075H1Z1: King of the KillWATCH NOW
71 dardoch1,037League of LegendsWATCH NOW
72 steel_tv1,022OverwatchWATCH NOW
73 forev1,008Dota 2WATCH NOW
74 ghswktkfrl11,000OverwatchWATCH NOW
75 xyronic1,000World of WarcraftWATCH NOW
76 dmadkr0818999StarCraft IIWATCH NOW
77 aces_tv969World of TanksWATCH NOW
78 mewnfarez945Heroes of the StormWATCH NOW
79 ogamingcs935Counter-Strike: Global OffensiveWATCH NOW
80 vellhart930Super Mario MakerWATCH NOW
81 xaryulol929World of WarcraftWATCH NOW
82 lebaby0v0915League of LegendsWATCH NOW
83 dtfru914Talk ShowsWATCH NOW
84 braintm914The Binding of Isaac: AfterbirthWATCH NOW
85 jake_overwatch906OverwatchWATCH NOW
86 taketheelevator_twitch896Dota 2WATCH NOW
87 iateyourpie893Super Mario 64WATCH NOW
88 jonsandman870H1Z1: King of the KillWATCH NOW
89 www0606864Until DawnWATCH NOW
90 ag_bean3r863League of LegendsWATCH NOW
91 alkaizerx849Grim DawnWATCH NOW
92 innerpsycho830PokerWATCH NOW
93 veexer829League of LegendsWATCH NOW
94 akademiks821NBA 2K17WATCH NOW
95 zhestplay816Dota 2WATCH NOW
96 esl_lol811League of LegendsWATCH NOW
97 patriksan807World of TanksWATCH NOW
98 nvking789Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: SiegeWATCH NOW
99 streamerhouse767Tom Clancy's The DivisionWATCH NOW
100 flamehopper749H1Z1: King of the KillWATCH NOW
Most Games played by Top Streamers

RankGame NameStreamer count
1League of Legends20
3Dota 210
4Counter-Strike: Global Offensive6
6H1Z1: King of the Kill5
7World of Warcraft3
9Talk Shows3
10World of Tanks2
11NBA 2K172
13Heroes of the Storm2
15StarCraft II1
17Super Smash Bros. Melee1
18Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege1
19Tom Clancy's The Division1
20The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth1
21Super Mario 641
23Grim Dawn1
24Until Dawn1
25Super Mario Maker1
26Poly Bridge1
27My Summer Car1
29The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time1
30Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles1
32ARK: Survival Evolved1
33Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered1
35Werewolves Within1